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Archive for the day “July 10, 2005”


This is the first time I have posted a blog. I’m a pretty boring person.

My son is now almost 3 months old. He is getting so big. I never thought that it would be possible to love someone so completely. I have loved a lot of people in my life, but the feeling I get when I look at Sol is so completely different.

I wasn’t sure what to really do with this particular space, maybe I will just use it to set down my thoughts on Sol and his growth (physical, mental, spiritual). It would be kind of neat to have a sort of journal that he can look at when he is 18 or so. I had planned on getting a notebook for that, but I may just start with this and also get a notebook.

Anyway, right now Sol is sitting in his vibrating chair and cooing to the mobile hanging on it. Although, he looks like he is starting to get a little cranky, so I will have to cut this short.

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