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Sol is starting to really grow up. I mean, he has been since he was born, of course. He has started to grab his stuffed animals and suck on them, he’s rolling over from front to back, and almost from back to front.
He had his first really official pictures done on Sunday. I can’t wait to get them back. We dressed him in some khaki shorts and a button up shirt. REALLY cute. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to post them unless I get my lazy butt down to Kinko’s to have them scanned onto a disk. As I have not yet finished my announcements within 3 months, this may take a while.

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One thought on “Mew

  1. SquirrelWolfs on said:

    Wonderful pics of your baby. All my babies have growen up and now have babies of there own. The youngest was born Dec. 29th, 2005… His 4th !!This my first time to post a blog too, Started July 2ed. It comes fast aftera while.Enjoy your baby they grow up so fast…. when they are small they step on your feet, when they are growen they step on your heart!! May GOD Bless us all,SquirrelWolfs


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