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I admit it, I am a junkie….

Admtting to an addiction is supposed to help in the easing process, but I don’t think that will work in this case. I made the mistake of starting with just one, thinking that I can stop at any time and I probably won’t like it. That led to 2 more, then another. I will get the others sometime this week I am sure. I am a Desperate Housewives junkie.
I thought the show would bore me. I was hooked within the first 5 minutes. Trask and I have been renting the first season, and we will have to catch up a bit for the 2nd season that is showing now. I don’t become addicted to many TV shows. There was Buffy, Dark Angel, and Witchblade. Those were the ones that I always made it a point to see every week. Then there is Twin Peaks which I first saw years after the show was off the air. I own the first season on DVD and whenever the 2nd season comes out, I will own that one also.  I probably won’t buy Desperate Housewives, I’ll just watch and rent the episodes I missed. I guess I am just amazed that I was so mistaken about a show. The commercials really don’t say anything about what the show is about.
Yeah, so that’s it.

Moments to cherish

Playing with Sol is so much better than I could have imagined. I love to hear him laugh and he does it quite often if he is in a playing mood. He is also starting to try to kiss us. Hehe. He opens his mouth really wide and slobbers all over my face. I love it. He has started to chatter in that wild baby language. The only bad thing about this is that he expects us to understand and respond. So, we just say "really" and "tell me more". That seems to satisfy him. He gets really upset if we just don’t respond.
I have (very slowly) started to introduce tastes of food to him. I have been using my food mill to mash up small slices of banana and other fruits. Mainly banana. I have tried honeydew melon, but he REALLY did not like that. I will probably stick mostly with the bananas for now. Maybe I will try some baked apple sometime this week.

First Tooth Part II

Poor Sol is really having a hard time right now. At least he is sleeping through most of it.
I had suspected we might be seeing this tooth soon as on Sunday (9/18) he decided it was fun to chew on Grandma Bobi’s glass table and we kept hearing this clicking sound. This is so exciting! I never thought the appearance of a tooth would make me giddy hehe.

First Tooth!!

Trask and I felt a very sharp little protrusion on Sol’s bottom gums today! He is rather fussy (understandable), so will have to cut this short.

Singing Baby

The FUNNIEST thing I have heard happend today. I swear Sol was trying to sing along with the music his mobile makes. VERY out-of-tune, but he had the cadence right. I wish I had recorded it. He loves to make strange sounds. He really loves to make strange sounds to strange women at the mall. Such a little flirt. I think it’s his favorite hobby (at least until he can figure out how to walk or do other things).

For Cathy and Gary:

Hey Cathy,
I just wanted to let you know that I did read your comment. You and Gary have your own special pictures that I will be sending to you. I was hoping to send it with the announcement I will be sending to you. I actually have them ready, I just need to find a printer to print up the labels and a letter I will be including in them.

New Pics

I usually try to wait until after the 16th of each month before I add in new photos, but there are just some incredibly cute pics that I couldn’t wait to share. My fave is one that a friend of mine had taken when we had gone to St. Augustine.
Yeah, that’s it.


Yeah, 2 blogs in one day.
I just felt that I should put my comments about this in its own place. I have heard and read so many opinions about how the people in New Orleans are acting. I don’t generally support looting. Stealing a TV when you have no power is stupid and greedy. However, it was pointed out to me that almost everyone who did the looting took clothing, shoes, food… These people are desperate and need help. A week ago. I am ashamed of how our government has treated this whole situation. When the tsunami hit Asia last December, the US Navy had helicoptors sending in supplies TWO days later. Why is it taking so much longer to get supplies to our own people who aren’t oceans away from us???? Why did it take our government a whole week to pass a bill agreeing on a set amount for relief efforts? I don’t expect answers to these and if I do get answers, I know I will not be satisfied. I do not have money to send, but I will be donating blood and some non-perishable supplies.  I know that money and blood are wanted more than items (people tend to try to send stupid items, so I can understand), but I can hope that someone will be able to use the formula that I have in my cupboard that we will never open, or some of the huge stockpile of dried beans that we have managed to acquire. I know that it is ironic that these items require water for use, and I do not have any stockpiled away to give. Oh well. I guess if the hurricane relief people do not want these, I can give them to the poorer people in my town.
9/7/05 update
I had forgotten to add this in when I wrote my little rant above. I know that there are "people" – I am wondering if they are deserving of the title – who are using this disaster as some sort of excuse to create more chaos. I am astounded by reports of shots fired at the people who are trying to help, reports of rape and murder. I just do not see the point behind making a bad thing worse.

Some updates

Well, not much has been going on, so this isn’t really much of an update. I have finally gotten the 3rd to 4th month pics up. We are almost done painting Sol’s room and will have carpet put in as soon as possible once we are done. I am really happy with the progress.
Otherwise, not much else has been going on. We can’t really afford a lot of trips now that gas prices have hiked up so much, although I did make a daytrip to St. Augustine yesterday with a friend and her baby. It was a lot of fun. I got this great pic of her son asleep in his stroller. I’ll post it up when I get a chance to download it to the puter.
Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

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