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Archive for the day “September 9, 2005”

Singing Baby

The FUNNIEST thing I have heard happend today. I swear Sol was trying to sing along with the music his mobile makes. VERY out-of-tune, but he had the cadence right. I wish I had recorded it. He loves to make strange sounds. He really loves to make strange sounds to strange women at the mall. Such a little flirt. I think it’s his favorite hobby (at least until he can figure out how to walk or do other things).

For Cathy and Gary:

Hey Cathy,
I just wanted to let you know that I did read your comment. You and Gary have your own special pictures that I will be sending to you. I was hoping to send it with the announcement I will be sending to you. I actually have them ready, I just need to find a printer to print up the labels and a letter I will be including in them.

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