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I admit it, I am a junkie….

Admtting to an addiction is supposed to help in the easing process, but I don’t think that will work in this case. I made the mistake of starting with just one, thinking that I can stop at any time and I probably won’t like it. That led to 2 more, then another. I will get the others sometime this week I am sure. I am a Desperate Housewives junkie.
I thought the show would bore me. I was hooked within the first 5 minutes. Trask and I have been renting the first season, and we will have to catch up a bit for the 2nd season that is showing now. I don’t become addicted to many TV shows. There was Buffy, Dark Angel, and Witchblade. Those were the ones that I always made it a point to see every week. Then there is Twin Peaks which I first saw years after the show was off the air. I own the first season on DVD and whenever the 2nd season comes out, I will own that one also.  I probably won’t buy Desperate Housewives, I’ll just watch and rent the episodes I missed. I guess I am just amazed that I was so mistaken about a show. The commercials really don’t say anything about what the show is about.
Yeah, so that’s it.

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