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Moments to cherish

Playing with Sol is so much better than I could have imagined. I love to hear him laugh and he does it quite often if he is in a playing mood. He is also starting to try to kiss us. Hehe. He opens his mouth really wide and slobbers all over my face. I love it. He has started to chatter in that wild baby language. The only bad thing about this is that he expects us to understand and respond. So, we just say "really" and "tell me more". That seems to satisfy him. He gets really upset if we just don’t respond.
I have (very slowly) started to introduce tastes of food to him. I have been using my food mill to mash up small slices of banana and other fruits. Mainly banana. I have tried honeydew melon, but he REALLY did not like that. I will probably stick mostly with the bananas for now. Maybe I will try some baked apple sometime this week.

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