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Running Around

Babies sure do have  a lot of energy. Sol is now sitting up really well. He is also kind of crawling. He does this Marine crawl. He’s really fast at it though. I have to play find the baby every time I go into the kitchen to get a drink or put away a dish. He has also found out how to pull himself to a standing position. Kind of scary when you put him in the crib for minute to attend to nature and then come back out to find him giggling and happily standing unsteadily. Today, that led to a rather unfortunate accident. He stood up, managed to grab his mobile and the mobile came crashing down on him. He is perfectly fine, but it scared the shit out of me and out of him. He stopped crying as soon as I picked him up and hugged him. It’s really pretty nifty knowing that your hug makes owies go away.

Six Months

Sol is 6 months old today. I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months. It really amazes me how much he has learned in such a short time. He had to learn to recognize smells, shapes, people, sounds.
He knows his name, his mommy (though he recognized me by sound and smell immediately), his daddy (I am positive he recognized his daddy’s voice immediately), songs. He learned how to play. I never thought about it before, but we actually have to LEARN how to play.
Eating is another one. Nursing is supposed to be a natural thing, but I discovered that baby and mother need to learn this. It was pretty difficult and sometimes really frustrating the first week or 2. Now he is learning to eat some solid foods. He’s pretty good at that. Everything I read made me expect our first tries to be very messy, but he is surprisingly good at it. Still slightly messy, but I think I would worry if there wasn’t some mess. Hehe. For those who know, he is definately his daddy’s son… I have know idea how he got cereal on his eyebrow… (I am following our pediatrician’s advice on nursing him for at least a year – the food I have given him is mainly to see how he handles the taste.)
Yep, pretty amazing.

Sooo sleepy

Sol has been especially adorable when getting to sleep today. When I laid him down for his afternoon nap and for the night, he woke up just a little, grunted, turned to left side and fell back to sleep. This may not seem like much of anything, but usually if he wakes up just a little, he starts screaming and I have to struggle to get him back to sleep. Every once in a while he has been just going to sleep on his own. HUGE milestone.
He had his doctor visit yesterday. He’s growing. Just in case anyone was worried that he wasn’t. He is 14 lbs 11 oz and 24 1/2". We had a little trouble getting his weight as he kept trying to roll everywhere. With that experience, we just held him standing up (he loves standing) while measuring his height. The nurse and the doctor were a little surprised by how active my little droolmonger is. Hehe.
I had thought that we were supposed to get his shots this time, but the doc wants us back in 4 weeks for that. I hate that part. I cried with Sol last time. Of course he was perfectly fine as soon as we got out of the room hehe.
He is really a great scam artist. He knows precisely how to get what he wants…. I had taken him with me to meet some friends for lunch. One of them wanted to hold him, so I passed him across the table. And of course I bumped his head on the light fixture right above the table. He was ok until my friend had him in her lap. Then he burst out with the most heartwrenching cries. I took him back and he immediately quieted down and even grinned. Scammer.

Fussy Fussy

Trask and I suspect Sol may be getting more teeth. At least he is acting the way he did a week or 2 before his first 2 teeth made their appearance (I forgot to mention in the previous tooth blog that his 2 bottom teeth came in at the same time). He has been soooo fussy lately, refusing to take naps, waking up about every 3 to 4 hours at night. Tonight was the first night all week that he didn’t wake up (he slept from 9 to 5:30).
On other subjects, he is getting the hang of moving around. He just kind of scoots right now, but every once in a while (especially if he is angry), he will get into the proper crawl position. I also think that within the next month he will be able to completely sit up on his own. He does alright at the moment, but he can only hold the sit up position for maybe up to a minute before he does this graceful little face first dive to the floor.
We have only one wall left to paint in his room. Then we can have Lowe’s come in and put in the new carpet. Very exciting. I have been taking photos of the little steps we’ve been making in there and will post them once the room is done. I hope to have the room finished by the end of this month or early November.

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