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Sooo sleepy

Sol has been especially adorable when getting to sleep today. When I laid him down for his afternoon nap and for the night, he woke up just a little, grunted, turned to left side and fell back to sleep. This may not seem like much of anything, but usually if he wakes up just a little, he starts screaming and I have to struggle to get him back to sleep. Every once in a while he has been just going to sleep on his own. HUGE milestone.
He had his doctor visit yesterday. He’s growing. Just in case anyone was worried that he wasn’t. He is 14 lbs 11 oz and 24 1/2". We had a little trouble getting his weight as he kept trying to roll everywhere. With that experience, we just held him standing up (he loves standing) while measuring his height. The nurse and the doctor were a little surprised by how active my little droolmonger is. Hehe.
I had thought that we were supposed to get his shots this time, but the doc wants us back in 4 weeks for that. I hate that part. I cried with Sol last time. Of course he was perfectly fine as soon as we got out of the room hehe.
He is really a great scam artist. He knows precisely how to get what he wants…. I had taken him with me to meet some friends for lunch. One of them wanted to hold him, so I passed him across the table. And of course I bumped his head on the light fixture right above the table. He was ok until my friend had him in her lap. Then he burst out with the most heartwrenching cries. I took him back and he immediately quieted down and even grinned. Scammer.

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