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Archive for the day “November 7, 2005”

Halloween Fun

Sol and I didn’t do much for Halloween. I dressed him up as a dragon, which he wasn’t too very sure about. The costume made him really clumsy, so he couldn’t crawl or sit up lol. I took him to my work as they were having a little thing for the employees’ children. I pretty much just kept him there long enough to show him off as the costume was a little on the warm side.


Sol is trying to talk. Hehe. So far all he says is mamamamamamamamabababamamamamama. It’s really cute. He will commando-crawl to me, tug on my jeans and just start blabbing to me. I don’t think he quite gets what he is saying, but I give him a hug whenever he says it.
Poor Trask. He keeps saying "Papa" and "Dada" to Sol. Sol will just look at him and say "Muhma". Heheh.

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