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Archive for the day “November 14, 2005”


According to my stats on this site…. my blog site appears to show up on search engines. It was #1 on a search for "mamamamamama" and #8 on a search for JoAnn Fabrics. Hehe. And here I was jealous of Geek Speaker cuz his was showing up all over the place (his showed up on Google search for Fantasy Football and he was also quoted on CNET).
I guess I am just a little surprised that my little site would be linked in this way.
I still don’t know why someone would come to my site in regards to JoAnn Fabrics though… I have it on my Sites List. Hmmm.


I wish I had gotten new batteries for the camera…. Sol had tried to crawl on the tile at Grandma and Grandpa Drew’s. He still¬† normally does the commando crawl, but once he hit that tile his little body went UP. He did a normal crawl for a few inches, then decided that his knees were too cold. So he lifted himself up so only his feet and hands were touching the tile. He was pretty much doing the Downward Facing Dog in yoga.¬†Hahahahaha. He couldn’t move too well this way. Hehe.

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