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According to my stats on this site…. my blog site appears to show up on search engines. It was #1 on a search for "mamamamamama" and #8 on a search for JoAnn Fabrics. Hehe. And here I was jealous of Geek Speaker cuz his was showing up all over the place (his showed up on Google search for Fantasy Football and he was also quoted on CNET).
I guess I am just a little surprised that my little site would be linked in this way.
I still don’t know why someone would come to my site in regards to JoAnn Fabrics though… I have it on my Sites List. Hmmm.

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3 thoughts on “Huh…

  1. Jennifer M on said:

    *laughs* Mine has come up for Orbit gum, Tom Cruise, and lesbians… funny what people look for.


  2. Hehe. I guess the search engines will use anything lol. I just can not figure out why someone would search for "mamamamama"…..


  3. Jason on said:

    Wow, this text is black, on black. Neato! At any rate, I just found out I am like 5th or something when you type in Google Employees into Google. Lol, that\’s funny.


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