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I hope everyone has had a pleasant and filling Thanksgiving. I ate so much I nearly made myself sick. That is as it should be hehe.
In the past couple of weeks Sol has really become a very good crawler. We accidently scared him into learning how to do a normal crawl though…. I turned on the vacuum cleaner, he screamed, crawled to the couch (and daddy), and damn near crawled ONTO the couch. He can’t crawl too well in the pants that I keep putting on him. The cold season just isn’t very long here in Florida, so I want to enjoy his little pants and overalls while I can.
He learned a new game he enjoys playing with Grandma Bobi. For some reason she is the only one he will do this with lol. He plays "Gonna Get You!". Sometimes she chases him, and sometimes he chases her. It is sooooooo cute. He also started to make this weird throaty (almost a laugh) sound when he started to play this little game. Now he does it all the time. I think he enjoys experimenting with laugh sounds. He started with the (what I called) pteradactyl sound. Everyone else called it the dolphin sound. He still does that one every once in a while, but not as often as he did before.
I am soooooo excited about the Holiday season. I am going to get my decorations up this week. Hopefully. I may put it off a little bit as we will be getting carpet in Sol’s room and in the master bedroom. YAY!!!

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