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I hate computers.

Sol is 8 months old today. And I can’t post up new pics of him for a little while. Our harddrive is giving us trouble, so I think we may have to send our puter in for a new one. This also means that this may be my last blog for a little while, unless I can get a moment or 2 at the library.
Sol is doing really good with the whole finger food concept. He gets most of the cheerios in his mouth, only a couple on top of his head.
He has really been enjoying "helping" me bake holiday stuff. He gets to bang on his highchair with measuring spoons. He loves the mixer. I guess it fascinates him to watch all those ingredients form something different. I can’t wait until he is old enough to do more than bang around the measuring cups. Although I will seriously miss his smallness.

More Stuff

It’s been a little while since I last updated.
Sol is really starting to know how to have fun. He and Trask will take turns imitating eachother dancing. It’s really hillarious.
We’ve been busy getting ready for the hoidays. I am almost done making a stocking for Sol. I can’t believe I ever survived without rotary cutters. They really make sewing sooooooooooooooooo much easier. I had that stocking cut out in 10 minutes, including the lining, fur, front and back. We are going to fill it up with all kinds of toys and goodies for him.
Not much else is going on….
Sol’s new favorite toy: plastic hanger.

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