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Archive for the day “December 16, 2005”

I hate computers.

Sol is 8 months old today. And I can’t post up new pics of him for a little while. Our harddrive is giving us trouble, so I think we may have to send our puter in for a new one. This also means that this may be my last blog for a little while, unless I can get a moment or 2 at the library.
Sol is doing really good with the whole finger food concept. He gets most of the cheerios in his mouth, only a couple on top of his head.
He has really been enjoying "helping" me bake holiday stuff. He gets to bang on his highchair with measuring spoons. He loves the mixer. I guess it fascinates him to watch all those ingredients form something different. I can’t wait until he is old enough to do more than bang around the measuring cups. Although I will seriously miss his smallness.

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