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“The Kid Stays In the Picture”

Rent it if you haven’t seen it yet. Or read it. Trask and I watched the movie tonight. It was the most uniquely (is that a word???) done biography I have ever seen. The Kid Stays in the Picture is the auto-biography of Robert Evans. I had never heard of him until we got the movie. He had pretty much made Paramount Pictures into what it is today. His life is a better drama than anything I have seen on TV lately.
Yeah, so go see it.

new goings-ons ‘n such

Well, I have recently become addicted to the world of E-bay and am attempting to sell some of our old VHS videos. This made sense to me since our VCR is no longer cooperating with us. We can watch movies, but can not rewind them. So we can pretty much just watch them once. I am also thinking about trying to sell the jewelery that I make. If that works out, I may move up to selling clothing/costumes. We’ll see. Here are my listings: Ravyn_Eclipse. I hope that link works.
Sol is a tornado, no difference there. He stood on his own in church yesterday. It was pretty neat. He’s done it before, but not for such a long time. He had bent down to pick up my purse strap and then just stood up. Just like that. We can’t get him to repeat it at home though. We think that he has to think that something is supporting him (maybe he thought the purse strap was supporting him). I think he will be running around in no time.

Lavender Lane

This is silly, I know. I "drew" a house and created a street: Lavender Lane. If you follow this link, you can also draw a house on my street. I thought that was pretty nifty:
To see the house I drew:

Peek A Boo

Sol really had a lot of fun today.
 He ate Hari Krishna food with Daddy and played in the grass on the UF campus. Dad said that his way of playing in the grass is to grab clumps in both hands and throw them down. Hehe.
Tonight, he entertained us with peek-a-boo. Very cute. It was the first time I had seen him play it at home. He has played it in his car seat with me.

On another note:
I managed to track down two coworkers from BEAKS. I had lost contact with them shortly after I moved to Gainesville. Chris found out she was pregnant about a week after I found out lol. It was really great to catch up and interesting to compare birth stories. I am so thankful that mine is relatively boring. I keep hearing about all the things that could go wrong. It was frightening enough when Sol reacted badly to the epidural, but that was easily fixed and was the only scary part. Her little guy, Daniel, had his cord wrapped around his neck about 3 times. He was only 5 lbs. Her doctors kept telling her she was having a 9 lb girl. What a shock. However, he has recovered with a vengeance lol.

Band of Brothers

If anyone can rent or buy this series, I highly recommend it. Trask and I just finished it up tonight…. I can’t even describe how it made me feel. I felt Easy Company’s heartbreak and humor. I also felt shock at how vicious the battles were and the shock of discovering a concentration camp. It is definately the best WWII documentation (?) I have ever seen. I am going to have to read the book now.
I’m not sure if documentation is the proper term for it. The book was based on interviews by the members of Easy Company and the show stayed pretty true to the book, but the show did not follow the actual members, it followed actors portraying them… so maybe a dramatization? That seems to make it seem almost less somehow though.
Anyway, I’m rambling. Just watch it.


Solomon clapped on his own today! I was at work of course…. However, he did again after I got home.  He also attempted to wave to some girls on the bus. Hehe. My little flirt.
That’s it. I just wanted to let everyone know.

A blog

Sol is 9 months old today. We took pictures of course  He refused to do anything cute for me, so I mostly got pictures of him crawling away from me.
I ran out of time last Friday (Trask needed to use the computer), so I did not get to write about last Thursday. Sol had to go in to work with me. He was only there from 10:30 til 3, but I was sooooo exhausted. He was really really good for me until about 2. He was so tired and he just refused to go to sleep for me. He did take a 3 hour nap as soon as dad picked him up. I think we have it worked out so that I will not have to do that again. I hope. I did enjoy having him near me, but it was really rough on the 2 of us. I took him to a park on Friday as a treat for being as good as he was.
I can’t believe that he will be 1 in only 3 more months.
I also can’t believe that my little blog has had 200 hits in the past week. Wow. Looks like most of them were directly to the photos, but I am still pretty impressed.


We had gottern our computer back from the computer worker people, then I guess MSN had a few glitches to work out. I had the worst time trying to log into this site, then, once I logged on, I wasn’t able to write in the blog.
Anyway, I redid the 7th to 8th month album and the 8th to 9th month album. I missed a couple of picks and it was just easier to delete and recreate the albums.
I also did an album for the sunrise I caught on Jan 7th (I think). My mom had rented a beachhouse to celebrate her birthday and a few of my relatives came down to celebrate with her. It was really great to see them all. We had the chance to watch dolphins and we saw a whale go by. Fantastic. We all tried to get pics of the dolphins, but they are quick critters.
Sol was at a loss with all of these big people around. He seemed to enjoy the attention, but he was also in the process of getting one stubborn upper tooth in. It made him a little cranky. He was quite happy to get home and drag out his toys.
He does that everytime we come back from visiting Jacksonville. It is really cute. He goes over to his toy basket and drags out his favorites (a pot, a mini soccer ball, a stuffed toy or 2, etc). I think it is his reassurance that things are back to normal now.

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