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Archive for the day “January 13, 2006”


We had gottern our computer back from the computer worker people, then I guess MSN had a few glitches to work out. I had the worst time trying to log into this site, then, once I logged on, I wasn’t able to write in the blog.
Anyway, I redid the 7th to 8th month album and the 8th to 9th month album. I missed a couple of picks and it was just easier to delete and recreate the albums.
I also did an album for the sunrise I caught on Jan 7th (I think). My mom had rented a beachhouse to celebrate her birthday and a few of my relatives came down to celebrate with her. It was really great to see them all. We had the chance to watch dolphins and we saw a whale go by. Fantastic. We all tried to get pics of the dolphins, but they are quick critters.
Sol was at a loss with all of these big people around. He seemed to enjoy the attention, but he was also in the process of getting one stubborn upper tooth in. It made him a little cranky. He was quite happy to get home and drag out his toys.
He does that everytime we come back from visiting Jacksonville. It is really cute. He goes over to his toy basket and drags out his favorites (a pot, a mini soccer ball, a stuffed toy or 2, etc). I think it is his reassurance that things are back to normal now.

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