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Sol is 9 months old today. We took pictures of course  He refused to do anything cute for me, so I mostly got pictures of him crawling away from me.
I ran out of time last Friday (Trask needed to use the computer), so I did not get to write about last Thursday. Sol had to go in to work with me. He was only there from 10:30 til 3, but I was sooooo exhausted. He was really really good for me until about 2. He was so tired and he just refused to go to sleep for me. He did take a 3 hour nap as soon as dad picked him up. I think we have it worked out so that I will not have to do that again. I hope. I did enjoy having him near me, but it was really rough on the 2 of us. I took him to a park on Friday as a treat for being as good as he was.
I can’t believe that he will be 1 in only 3 more months.
I also can’t believe that my little blog has had 200 hits in the past week. Wow. Looks like most of them were directly to the photos, but I am still pretty impressed.

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