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Band of Brothers

If anyone can rent or buy this series, I highly recommend it. Trask and I just finished it up tonight…. I can’t even describe how it made me feel. I felt Easy Company’s heartbreak and humor. I also felt shock at how vicious the battles were and the shock of discovering a concentration camp. It is definately the best WWII documentation (?) I have ever seen. I am going to have to read the book now.
I’m not sure if documentation is the proper term for it. The book was based on interviews by the members of Easy Company and the show stayed pretty true to the book, but the show did not follow the actual members, it followed actors portraying them… so maybe a dramatization? That seems to make it seem almost less somehow though.
Anyway, I’m rambling. Just watch it.


Solomon clapped on his own today! I was at work of course…. However, he did again after I got home.  He also attempted to wave to some girls on the bus. Hehe. My little flirt.
That’s it. I just wanted to let everyone know.

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