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Peek A Boo

Sol really had a lot of fun today.
 He ate Hari Krishna food with Daddy and played in the grass on the UF campus. Dad said that his way of playing in the grass is to grab clumps in both hands and throw them down. Hehe.
Tonight, he entertained us with peek-a-boo. Very cute. It was the first time I had seen him play it at home. He has played it in his car seat with me.

On another note:
I managed to track down two coworkers from BEAKS. I had lost contact with them shortly after I moved to Gainesville. Chris found out she was pregnant about a week after I found out lol. It was really great to catch up and interesting to compare birth stories. I am so thankful that mine is relatively boring. I keep hearing about all the things that could go wrong. It was frightening enough when Sol reacted badly to the epidural, but that was easily fixed and was the only scary part. Her little guy, Daniel, had his cord wrapped around his neck about 3 times. He was only 5 lbs. Her doctors kept telling her she was having a 9 lb girl. What a shock. However, he has recovered with a vengeance lol.

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