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Archive for the day “January 30, 2006”

new goings-ons ‘n such

Well, I have recently become addicted to the world of E-bay and am attempting to sell some of our old VHS videos. This made sense to me since our VCR is no longer cooperating with us. We can watch movies, but can not rewind them. So we can pretty much just watch them once. I am also thinking about trying to sell the jewelery that I make. If that works out, I may move up to selling clothing/costumes. We’ll see. Here are my listings: Ravyn_Eclipse. I hope that link works.
Sol is a tornado, no difference there. He stood on his own in church yesterday. It was pretty neat. He’s done it before, but not for such a long time. He had bent down to pick up my purse strap and then just stood up. Just like that. We can’t get him to repeat it at home though. We think that he has to think that something is supporting him (maybe he thought the purse strap was supporting him). I think he will be running around in no time.

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