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Archive for the day “February 19, 2006”


I took Sol up to Jacksonville to see his grandparents this past weekend. We stayed at my in-laws. We really had a wonderful time. I took him for a quick swim and we went shopping in St. Augustine before heading home.
He was so funny at Grandma and Grandpa Drew’s house. They have a fireplace that he has been really fascinated with. Sometimes he got it into his head to go and check it out. Hehehe. He would go towards it a few "steps", stop, shake his head "No", look at me, and repeat. It was hilarious. It took ALL of my self-control to keep from laughing at him. I know he does this to test his limits. He knows what he is not supposed to do, but will try to do it anyway while he is shaking his head "No". hahahahahahahah.

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