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Sol’s Day

Sol and I had a lot of fun today. I took him to a park and we saw dogs and played on the swings. He loves swings. I had taken him to this one park cuz I was positive I saw 2 horses galloping across the soccer field there. Only by the time I parked, they had disappeared. It only took me 1 minute to park… I had thought that maybe my coffee had gone funny or something, ‘cept there were hoofprints on the ground and horsey poo. So, I know I wasn’t hallucinating. I just can’t figure out where those horses disappeared to. It is residential living all around the park, with a busy road on one side of it. I guess I will have to keep going there until I find out….

He is getting 2 more teeth in. On the bottom finally. He has 4 on top and 2 on bottom, soon to be 4 on bottom. He seems to be dealing with it pretty well this time. He has been sleeping alot lately and has been pretty playful when he’s awake. The only thing he’s been doing (teething-wise) is to chew on his finger at the places where his teeth are starting to show. He has also been tugging on his ears, which is something he’s done for all of his teething sessions.

Photo Albums

In case anyone is wondering, the photo albums are slowly going through a cycle while I am adding a description to each picture. The one that is currently showing is the one that I either just finished or am in the middle of working on hehe.

Scootin’ Sol

We have a walker/scooter thing given to us by Malka (THANK YOU!!) that we have started to use outside. Sol just has a blast with it out there. He will walk next to me for a little while around our driveway, then I will turn it into a scooter and whizz him around until my back can’t take it anymore (really hard to keep leaning down and running).

Birthday Invites!

I am getting ready to send out invites for Sol’s first birthday. We are going to be trying to keep it rather small. Try to… I seem to have a growing list of people who would like to come. Hehe. I think I will pick out the invites tomorrow. Yay!


I am starting to prepare for Sol’s first birthday party. Pretty fun stuff! His birthday is on Easter, so we are having it the day before. I know that most people won’t be able to come on account of that, but we really just want his first party to be small.

I took him swimming today. We had a lot of fun. He hung on to me and I swam a bunch of laps. He didn’t want to get out of the pool hehe.
Sol won’t fall asleep while I rock him anymore. We have had to start just putting him in his crib and let him cry it out a bit….  I’m really glad that we had our months of snuggle time. It just breaks my heart to hear him cry himself to sleep. Although he usually only cries for about 5 minutes.

Just writin’

Just feel a need to write. Problem is that I don’t really have any particular subject. Sol is standing on his own now. Well for a few seconds anyway. We have been "walking" him around the house and the circular drive that is our small neighborhood. He likes to hang on the backs of our pants/shorts and will walk right behind us. I need to get a pic of it… He always gets this huge goofy grin when we do this hehe.


Only one more month until he is 1. I can’t believe how fast this year has been going.

Happy Birthday!!!

To my husband! He hates making a "thing" out of his birthday, but I love to celebrate birthdays.

Can’t think of a title

Sol has learned how to climb onto the couch. He usually does it when I am also on it and he wants to sit in my lap. However, Trask caught him doing it in an attempt to get to the remote.
Trask had gotten his bigger car seat down from the attic. And I threw it out. I know this sounds like a waste and I was reluctant to do it, but the dead cockroach falling out of it clinched it for me. It had been used and we did not have a booklet for it or anything. Just wanted to share.


It hasn’t been released yet, but the demo is purty damn impressive. I have to warn you that it is 35 minutes long. You will get the gist in the first 10, but will be super impressed by the last 10-15 minutes of it. It is basically a game of evolution combined with Risk:


I recommend watching the whole thing if you have time.


Sol LOVES the Checker’s commercial. He always has. He will seriously STOP whatever he is doing to watch it. Lately he has been dancing to it too. I try not to watch too much TV during the day. Nothing is really on anyway, but we do have it on in the evening. Kind of winds down our day I guess.
Anyway, back to what I had been saying. Today, Sol started dancing to the Checker’s commercial. Then to just about anything that made music. Except the Victoria’s Secret commercial. That one he stopped dancing to and just watched it. He is his father’s son.

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