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Sol’s Birthday

For some reason I just posted the birthday pics, but never wrote anything about it. lol.
We had a very nice small party. Sol was spoiled of course…. and yet his new favorite toy this week is an old huge ruler…. go figure.
The cake was GIGANTIC. I thought it was going to be much much smaller lol. Sol was so funny with it. He really didn’t know what to make of it at first. He started to dig in once we gave him a spoon though. He actually didn’t eat as much as it looks like in the pictures. He was having more fun mashing the icing I think. We almost threw out the spoon cuz it was so covered in icing that it blended in with the top of the cake.
We have installed his big-boy carseat and he seems MUCH happier with it. He likes being able to look out the windows and at us.

Just for fun…..

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We have decided that it is time to upgrade to the big boy car seat. I know this is boring for most people, but it is a big step for us hehe.
He’s been sleeping alot lately. I think he is growing again. He’s also begun to do the toddler way of eating – basically snacking all day long. He also seems to be starting to wean himself from nursing. I’m sad about this and happy at the same time. It means he is growing up… sad and happy lol.

It’s almost time….

I can’t believe Sol is almost a year…. I just don’t know where the time went, but I have tons of pictures to see what has happend this past year. We are having his party on Saturday. I am picking up his cake tomorrow at the grocery store. The cake is $65…. never thought I would be happy to spend that kind of money on a cake lol.

Random Information

There is a town in Pennsylvania called Centralia that has essentially become a ghost town due to an underground fire in it’s coal mines. This fire has been burning for 40 years and could continue to keep burning for something like a 100 more…. Most of the townsfolk left, but there are still a few people who refused any sort of government compensation and stayed…. I guess they decided living with burning earth and toxic fumes would be the noble thing to do??

Mommy’s little go-go dancer…..

My son is destined to be a dancer…..
Yesterday he held onto the leg of our card table with his left hand, put his right hand behind his head, and did his baby dance. I wish I had caught it on my camera… I was laughing so hard I was crying and nearly peed my pants.

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