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We have decided that it is time to upgrade to the big boy car seat. I know this is boring for most people, but it is a big step for us hehe.
He’s been sleeping alot lately. I think he is growing again. He’s also begun to do the toddler way of eating – basically snacking all day long. He also seems to be starting to wean himself from nursing. I’m sad about this and happy at the same time. It means he is growing up… sad and happy lol.

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2 thoughts on “upgrading

  1. Way to go! Woohooo! Big boy car seats are COOL!!! My son adjusted really easy to the new carseat while my daughter SCREAMED for about ten miles then finally settled down and started to realize "Hey, this is FUN!" and started laughing! LOL Kids are nuts!


  2. Heh… Yes, it\’s a 2-sided-deal… Just remember not to let it get to you- Don\’t want your kid to think you\’re pathetic… 😉
    PS: Thanks a lot for referencing to my space!!! (Other Bloggers list)


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