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Archive for the day “May 15, 2006”

Stepping Forward

My sweet little cautious son tried to get out on his own today. He’s been dragging me everywhere cuz he refuses to walk without holding my hand. It can be very tiring – I have no idea where he stores all this energy. He is happy to walk in circles for hours. Or up and down one step. Over and over and over and over again.

So today, I get him out of the car and set him down next to me so I could get out the diaper bag etc. He usually grabs hold of my leg and waits. Not today. Today he decided to walk away from me. About 5 steps all by himself. Until he fell down.


Sol experienced his first big boo-boo this past weekend. We (Grandma Bobi, Sol, and I) were playing in Grandma’s pool. I should explain the pool a bit: It has a very shallow section they had built in just for Sol – they had the pool put in shortly after they found out I was pregnant, so built it with the baby in mind. Anyway, he had been having lots of fun climbing out and then climbing back in. Over and over. He had just climbed out (he was also playing with Grandma), got a little too carried away, and tried to fast crawl. Unfortunately, he was right on the edge of the pool. I managed to catch him and break his fall, but he still skinned up his forehead and nose.

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