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Archive for the day “May 27, 2006”

“Puking and mewling in his mother’s arms…”

…. so sayeth Shakespeare in his "Seven Ages of Man" and he is soooo right.
Sol is sick right now and it seems like all he does is puke and mewl pitifully. I have been trying to make him food that will be gentle on his tummy as well as keep up his strength. I’m glad that I am still nursing him – mother’s milk  (and our snuggle time) seems to be a really great comfort to him right now. I will have to post up my recipe for "Sick Baby Chicken Noodle Soup". I made it especially for Sol the first time he had a cold. It’s pretty simple, just takes a little prep time due to the need to cut everything a little smaller. It’s good for adult people too. Trask and I both enjoyed it the last time I made it 🙂

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