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Trade – offs…. bleh.

Sol is feeling better now. I am ill. I haven’t been able to eat all day and couldn’t even keep water down last night. I had made up my wonderful chicken soup and now can’t even stand to look at it… *pity*

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One thought on “Trade – offs…. bleh.

  1. Josh on said:

    I never get sick. Never. I mean…I have a reputation for my lack of ability to catch whatever is going around.
    But never say never…about a month ago, I was up in CT, and I spent my last day there throwing up anything I\’d drink or eat. It\’s a frustrating and exhausting ordeal and I hope you recover quickly.
    Just don\’t rush into the whole eating thing, because I thought I was OK only to find that all normal exits in my stomach were still closed…so the salad had to leave through the entrance.


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