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Little Barbarians

Yesterday I took Sol to Sun Country Gym. They have a neat little children’s thing on Fridays for about 2 hours. Parents can basically let their little ones go free. They can play in pools filled with foam blocks or plastic balls,  climb inclines, scoot on little scooter things, slide down various slides, go through a maze, play with balls that are bigger than I am, etc. Sol has soooo much fun. They also have a parachute time ~ kids gather in a circle, sing and play with a parachute, they also get under the parachute. There were too many people in the circle, so Sol and I just watched them and sang along. Then came a snack and story time.
I haven’t really been writing about Sol lately. He has become uber independent. I have had to get a harness for him as he has started to throw fits in parking lots when I hold his hand hehe. Trask tells me I am silly for getting it,  but I would rather look silly than have him run away from me and into a car’s path.
It’s nice that he wants to do stuff on his own, but there are some things I would still like to help him with – walking in the street/parking lot, spoon feeding… I know I am supposed to let him try the latter on his own, but we still don’t have our grout sealed yet. lol. I keep meaning to buy a shower curtain to put under him.

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