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Talking about A real Snake on a real Sam Jacksonless Plane!!!

 Hehehehe. I blogged about this movie a little bit back. Thought it was rather funny to see this blog:



A real Snake on a real Sam Jacksonless Plane!!!

Talk about your accidental awesome viral marketing. Odds are if you are online on a regular basis, you know something about Snakes on a Plane. If you don’t. It’s a movie. About snakes…on a plane. And Samuel L. Jackson is in it. AND THAT’S ABOUT IT.

OK, so this fella was flying his plane in West Virginia, and he sees a 4 1/2 ft. black snake in his instrument panel. He swatted at it and it slithered away to the other side of the cockpit. At this point, if this guy were Sam Jackson, he’d say, "Enough is enough, I’ve had it with these snakes!".

But whether he said that or not, he did manage to grab the snake behind the head. He then proceeded to land the plane while still holding on to the snake.

Here’s a link to the article if any of you are skeptical about my credibility (


Real snakes on a real plane, people. The danger has gone from Internet buzz-created humor to deadpan real life danger. The fact of the matter is, snakes can get on a plane. And each time me or you steps onto a plane, we are playing a risky game of Snake or no Snake.

Wonderful Wonderful Bananas

Bananas are my lifesaver and my son’s reason for waking up in the morning ("Nana nana nana nana nana"). We started blending them with rice cereal and now they are a finger food.
Super Powered Bananas:
egg yolk (cooked)
rice or other cereal
little bit of breastmilk or formula
Blend all ingredients together. Use the cereal to get the consistency you want. I actually got this recipe idea from a jar of Beechnut Banana Supreme.

Frozen Fruits and Other Teething Ideas

I used frozen fruit when Sol was teething. You should be able to find a mesh pacifier looking thing at most baby supply stores. These little things are perfect for putting fruit and ice cubes into. Sol used to suck that fruit until it was nothing more than a pulpy mess lol. I believe there are pics of his first raspberry experience somewhere on here. I think it was during his first teething session – 4th month.
I had also heard that frozen bagels were a good teething tool, but Sol never really took to that one. I tried it when he was about 6 or 8 months. The bread of the bagels will pretty much melt as baby chews and sucks on it, so there is little risk of a choking hazard.
Pretty much for teething – I used frozen fruit, ice cubes, and orajel.


Beans are very good for baby. High in protein and other stuff lol. I use mainly black beans, but have also given Sol garbonzo beans (aka chick peas), butter beans, navy beans, etc. Chick peas seem to be a favorite, just be careful as they do have a rather hard outer layer.
My favorite bean recipe:
A sort of Pallella (I think that is how it is spelled)
chicken broth/vegetable broth
green beans
chick peas
butter beans
1 can diced tomatoes
Measure out how much broth you need for cooking the rice (look for the amount on the rice instructions). Pour broth into a pan along with the other ingredients. Cook according to the rice instructions.
This recipe is very flexible. You can add in as many ingredients as you want and whatever ingredients you want. For feeding the little one though, be sure to blend it up before feeding him/her. 

Couscous and Rice

Couscous and rice are perfect for little mouths with almost no teeth. There are a variety of both available and they are a really nice change of pace. They do not have a lot of nutritional value, but do offer some whole grain goodness.
I’ve been using the Far East couscous. I love the flavors they have and Sol just gobbles it up. It also takes just a little over 5 minutes to prepare (boil the water with the olive oil and flavoring, take pot off water, add couscous, cover, wait 5 minutes, fluff with fork, serve).
With plain white rice, you can add in a variety of seasonings to make it interesting. Or you can leave it alone. I’ve done both with Sol and he seems to enjoy rice no matter what.

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