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Minnesota and Seagull Dancing

Sol and I went to visit my grandmother in Minnesota (with my mom) for about 5 days. I had been really nervous as to how he would react to the plane trip and a completely new environment lol. He did extremely well. He had a few fussy moments, but there were other parents on the plane who definately had it worse than I did.
He really had a blast in Minnesota. I was able to let him roam pretty freely on the grass without worrying about fireants, spiders, and other fairly dubious creatures that may cause harm to a little person. I think his favorite was our visit to the Hebl’s home (family friends). They have quite a bit of land and he just had sooooo much fun running around and walking on their trampoline. I rather enjoyed the trampoline myself – they have it built into the ground so you just walked right on to it.
Our next big trip is in less than a month. We are all really excited to be going out to Washington state. It will be sooo good to see family and friends that we have not seen in a few years.

Sol is really trying hard to communicate. It’s pretty cute. He mostly still says "Mama", so his conversations usually consist of "Mamamama MUHMA mumamama". His own word for belly has become "Tah!" (he says it while poking himself haha) and his word for cold is "Coo!" ~ or at least that is what he says when Daddy puts something from the freezer onto his neck.
He also gets a kick out of doing what I call the seagull dance. He just kind of runs in place. I saw gulls doing this same thing when I was working at BEAKS. Not sure why they do it, but I loved hearing that patpatpatpatpat sound. Now I get to hear it everyday from Sol. He just gets the biggest kick out of it.

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