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A baby’s love….

I seem to have acquired a rather painful, nasty eye infection. My doctors are still uncertain as to whether it is bacterial or fungal, so am treating for both of those (which means lots of eye drops). They did scrape my eyeball Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday last week in order to get pieces of my ulcer thing to grow cultures with. We had also made the decision to send Sol up to Grandma and Grandpa’s place for the week. I hated to do it, but could think of no other alternative. We were going to have to be putting eyedrops in every half hour around the clock and I had pretty long doctor’s visits. None of this would have been fair to Sol.
He was pretty mad at us at first (when we were able to get up there last Friday). He seemed to understand that something was wrong with my eye though. He would come to visit me while I was trying to get some much needed sleep and he would try to sneak soooo quietly into the room to see me. Hehe. He has also been very loving lately. He will come up behind me and just hug my legs, then run away. He has been crawling up into my lap just to sit and snuggle with me. These things may not seem like much, but they do make me feel better.

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