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The mighty St. Augustine Segway herds.

I took Sol up to his grandparents yesterday.
On our way to Grandma Jan’s, I stopped in St. Augustine to have some fun time with him. I bought Trolley Tour tickets so we could ride around. He really seemed to enjoy the trolley ride for the most part. At least until he got hungry. Anyway, on our tour I saw a herd of people riding on segways.

I actually had to look 3 times at these people before it finally clicked that they were doing a tour of the town on segways. It looked very odd, yet fun.

Dropping Sol off was really hard this time. I had taken him up to my mom’s apartment and was going to leave him for a moment to grab the rest of his stuff. He saw me going to the door and immediately got this downcast look. His lip started quivering and he just put his head down to his chest and whimpered. It was awful. So when I really did have to leave, my mom just started walking him to the beach. I felt like I really didn’t get to say good-bye to him, but he knows that I love him and we (Trask and I) have talked to him a few times on the phone today.

After I had dropped him off, I went to the Jo-Ann Fabrics in Jax. For some reason fabric and patterns cheer me up. So I browsed through the patterns, found a few that I liked, and went back out to my car. Once I got into my car, I attempted to look out the windshield. It was almost completely covered in ants. At least they were outside this time. I think they may have been eating the love bug corpses that were all over the front of my car. Here is a picture of love bugs for you northerners:

That is seriously all they live for. They don’t even eat anything. They also have no known enemies. Apparantly they taste really awful to birds and most other insect eaters. They don’t have stingers, they don’t bite. They just fly around, stuck together, so they can make more of them. Most of them seem to wind up stuck to the fronts of cars.


How very odd….

I swear I had posted a blog a little over a week ago… but it seems to have disappeared. Oh well.
I wish to let everyone know that my eye seems to be stabilizing. The docs have me on steroid drops for only 4 weeks, then it looks like I will be getting some new glasses. They are very hopeful that I will not need to look at a corneal transplant. Yay! I think I have had quite enough of sharp objects near my eyes… 5 eye scrapings is more than anyone should have in one lifetime. Nothing ever did grow from the cultures they made of my eye scrapings either…

Sol has become quite the little imp lol. He now knows the word "no" and says it when he is doing something he knows he shouldn’t be doing. Haha. It’s really hard to scold someone when you are laughing at them, by the way.
Grandma Jan got him a tricycle. It has a handle on it so I can push him around in it. Unfortunately, he prefers to push it himself. I guess he gets bored in the seat or something. The handle bars interest him for a little bit, but I also have control of them lol. I do let him "drive" sometimes, but we always wind up in the bushes. Or doing doughnuts.
I think that I have finally gotten his room just the way I want it to be. I walk in there now and it really feels like a child’s room. It had just felt like a room storing a bunch of children’s stuff in it before. Amazing what a little rearranging can do.

Big News!
Sol has his first haircut on September 2. I took a lot of pics and will post them soon. Danielle was so good with him. I actually went to school with Danielle, AND worked with her and her brother at Winn Dixie a hundred years ago. I always thought she had good sensibilities about fashion and hair, so was very pleased to see that she owned her own salon in town.
Anyway, I knew I had posted a blog earlier… I recall typing all of this down once before. So odd.

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