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Archive for the day “October 13, 2006”

Some Updates

I just realized that it has been awhile since I have really posted anything about Sol. He’s still amazing hehe. He has finally started to nod yes and no to questions. However, he does know how to say the word no also. He usually says it really fast and in repitition and does what I have termed "the no-no dance". Someday I will have to get it on video…
It is so neat to see him respond to what I say to him now. He still doesn’t say much, himself, but he DEFINITELY understands every word I say. He will now go and pick up stuffed animals if I ask him to bring them to me. Same thing with his sippy cup. He knows when I am just being silly with words and laughs at me.

How interesting…

My babyfood idea for avocado and guacamole has been posted as the first link on Guacamole. I just wanted to share.

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