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In less than a week, Abigail will be moving to Jacksonville. I am sooo happy she will be so much closer. She has also asked us to watch Zan for a few days so she can work and find a daycare for him. I think this will be an interesting adventure. Sol and Zan met once before when Sol was just a couple of months old. It will be neat to see how he reacts to having an older "brother" around. I just hope I don’t run myself completely ragged chasing after the 2 of them. I’m thinking about bribing Zan – maybe a few dollars to help out with housework and a few more to do a lesson or 2…. Abby had told me he was learning all sorts of neat things at his previous school. Like colors and things like that.
Abby is moving into a 1 bedroom, so I am also thinking about making him a little teepee. I actually found the pattern for one a while ago and bought it with Sol in mind, but I think Zan might appreciate having his own little "room". I think I will also make the little sleeping mat that is in the pattern.
Not much else is going on. I got to cruise around Jax on Saturday with Abby in a red convertible. We were definitely stylin’. Guys kept trying to impress us with their loud music and we were even serenaded by a very young Latino boy. He was at least 16 since he was driving. It was a good day.
She found the perfect place for her and Zan. Close to her work and close to a few schools. Close to my in-laws too.

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