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Keepin’ up.

It’s been forever since I wrote anything on this site, so just wanted to let everyone know what’s been goin’ on.
Trask, Sol and I went out to Washington to spend the holidays with family out that way. I got some great pics that I will be uploading sometime soon. Sol got to see his first snow, although it wasn’t much and melted by the following day. It was a lot of fun to introduce him to friends and relatives who had not yet met him. He got along really well with his cousins.
Trask may have a possible job offer back that way. They may fly him out there in February for a face-to-face interview. It was a shame they didn’t contact us when we were there, but we had looked at possible houses just in case one of the companies out there showed interest.
Trask has also recieved some interest from a company located on Long Island. Looks like we will most likely traveling sometime this year. Just not sure which way, yet.
I have also started my final semester of community college. Yay! It’s keeping me super busy. I have reports due at least twice a week, plus tons of reading.
I am also going to be moving the majority of my photos to an account at Ringo. I will post the link later. You will be able to actually order prints through Ringo at (what seems to be) a fairly reasonable price. I believe it was .10 per print. I do not know what the shipping cost is though.

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One thought on “Keepin’ up.

  1. barbara on said:

    well its nice to see you wre able to see your family. I went to oregon and as I do at x mas spend it there with my kids there, but this time I got a xmas surprise. rb said he loved me  never stopped but has wnted to get back wth me for the last 2 years. and fianlly had the courage to tell me right after xmas this year. he wants to get married again and everything. wow huh?!!!!!!!!!!!! we are getting married in april this me back or call at 509-946-4921


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