Fox and Broom

A mom's adventures in keeping healthy, keeping her sanity, and making stuff.


It has been a while since I have updated this thing.
Trask now has a job with his stepfather. So, he and Sol moved up to Jax while I am trying to hurry time along so this semester in school will be over and I can join them. We have a pretty nice apartment set up there and I am itching to be able to decorate it.
We are not sure what to do with the house yet, but we are considering renting it out. If the market evens out this summer, as I was told it may, we might consider getting it on the market. I am hoping we can find some decent tenants. I just have a lot of renovations that I would like to attempt. Well, I should say minor renovations: painting, replacing bathroom fixtures, putting in new faucets. I don’t have any near future plans to change the floor plan or anything like that. For now.
Sol also recently contracted pink eye and has an ear infection. He seems to be a lot better now though. I, on the other hand, have grown increasingly paranoid about my own eyes…

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