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Archive for the day “March 11, 2007”

Some extra stuff.

Two blogs in one day. Aren’t you lucky
Solomon used his training potty on his own this morning! Yay! Of course over the course of the night he had completely stripped off his clothing and peed ALL over his crib. I guess we have a little bit of work ahead of us.
I bought Sol an Easter outfit. Very cute. It’s a blue and white pinstriped seersucker suit. He looks so cool in it.
April is looking to be a very busy month for us. Trask will be officially inducted into the Catholic church on Easter. I have finals, will receive my AA at the end of April, and make the final move up to Jax. Sol will be turning 2. I will be quitting my job at the beginning of April.

It’s getting to be that time of year again.

My little guy is about to turn 2. I am in the planning stages for possibly 2 parties. One in Gainesville and one in Jax. I have updated his gift list with the correct sizes. I am quite aware that most people will have no trouble finding toys etc, so I have not really included any of those other than a few DVD’s.

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