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My son is 2 years old today! We had a Jacksonville party this past Saturday and I will be having a smaller gathering in Gainesville this upcoming Saturday. Exciting stuff!
Trask and I gave him a funny little googlie-eyed puppet that he has named Doot Doot. It is the first of his toys that he has given a name to on his own.
He really got a lot of cool toys and clothes.
I also got a tattoo for his birthday. It is my representation of Solomon. Thanks to Abby, who sketched it out, and to Chad, who did the needle work. Abigail spent about 3 months drawing it up for. I probably drove her nuts with "put some of this in there" and "try this kind of thing" and "oh wait – take that back out of there". It took about 2 1/2 hours to put it on me and I do need to go back in about 3 weeks for touch-up and some more color. If I can remember how to add a picture, you will be able to view it in this blog. More pictures will be forthcoming also – I have about 200 pics that I need to go through and upload.

 Yay! I remembered how to do it! 

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One thought on “Two

  1. Laura on said:

    Happy Birthday to the Big Guy.Love the tat,great work in the drawing and needle work.


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