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I need to get off my butt and add some more pictures. I have a bunch that I just put onto CD, so I hope to add those maybe tomorrow or sometime within the next week.


Grandma Jan treated Solomon and I to the Magic Kingdom the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Well, actually she treated me as Solomon was free for being under 3 years of age. Yay!
He seemed to really have a blast. He had such a curiosity about pretty much everything and was also so calm about everything. He loved the train ride around the park and did VERY well on all of the rides, except for the ferry boat ride that goes around Tom Sawyer’s Island. He seemed to get the idea of lines pretty quickly and did not try to get ahead of the people in front of us. This is a very important lesson for children to learn if they go to any form of large amusement park. At least I know that I have been severely annoyed by children running rampant through lines in the past.
Trask and I will probably take him again in October sometime. I really want to take him on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
Pictures shall be posted as soon as I can get them uploaded.

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