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Nine Years.

Trask and I have just celebrated nine years of married life. That’s a really long time. And we were together for 4 1/2 years before we got married. That’s even longer.
We went to Disney World to celebrate our anniversary a couple of weeks ago. We were cruel parents and left the rugrat with his grandparents so we could behave like children ourselves.
Our hotel is geared towards families and had lots of fun things to do for kids. Our room even had a bunk bed. At night they would play a movie at the pool so kids could go swimming and watch a movie. I thought that was pretty nifty.
At the Magic Kingdom, we went on Space Mountain 3 times (2 of those times were almost immediately after we got there), ate tons of ice cream, candy, and junk food, and left when we were completely exhausted. It was a good day.
On our way down to Orlando, we managed to catch the shuttle launch. On our way back, it rained, our car overheated, then it started to hail. We were driving a convertible by the way.
All in all, we had fun. We missed Sol horribly though. We couldn’t stop talking about him and saying things like "Sol would LOVE this!" We are planning on going again in October with Sol. I am also hoping to take Zan and Abby as well. It would be my treat for Zan’s birthday. I think it would be great fun to not tell him anything until we get there.

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