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A new start. Again

We have finally made it to WA (and I finally remembered to write about it here). Sol and I got here on April 9th and we moved into our new apartment on April 11th. I really like our new place. It has a nice courtyard outside our back door for Sol to ride his new big boy bike around and it is in walking distance to pretty much anything we need. I found out my friend, Genn, moved about a mile down the road from us, so I have been having Sol ride his bike (while I walk) to her place. It’s great – he gets so worn out that day that he usually goes to sleep with no complaint. Or very little complaint anyway as he usually can’t seem to help conking right out.
I have been applying for a large variety of jobs. In all actuality, we just need a little supplemental income, so I am hoping to get work with a grocery store or Home Depot or pretty much anyplace that will allow me to have an evening schedule during the week. That way I can stay home with Sol and we won’t have to worry about daycare fees. Just to be safe though, I have been applying for a lot of office positions as well. I figured it wouldn’t hurt.  If I can get one that will cover our expenses and daycare, why not? Sol has been asking to go to "school" lately, so if we can afford it, I would love to send him to one.
Genn has asked me to join her in a venture of sorts. She buys a lot of old furniture and refurbishes it. She wants to start selling it at a local antique store. She has asked me to come in on it with her and has offered me 1/2 the profit. This also means that I have to pay 1/2 the costs, which are a slight problem right now. I think it would be a lot of fun. She has already started to teach me the basics of how to look for furniture that will be able to be refurbished, what is worth something, and what is worthless. I can’t wait to start helping her to fix and repaint some of it. She is an amazing bargainer… A lot of this stuff she got for under $5. She is pretty sure she will be able to sell most of it for anywhere from $60 to $600.
Our house should be going on the market any day now. We are just waiting for Gino to finish up his work. It is a little frustrating to see all the work I had wanted done while we lived in it to be done when we are trying to sell it. Bobi tells me it looks absolutely fantastic.
Oh well. We are looking for a house here that is lower than what we are selling for. Once we get a house, it won’t really be necessary for me to work, so I would like to find a bit of a fixer-upper or a place with a large yard for gardens or both. I keep coming back to this one:
However, it might be too much of a fixer-upper.
I think this is it for now.

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2 thoughts on “A new start. Again

  1. Selina on said:

    Yes i have been there..Doing up a home for others to enjoy :/ But keep in mind it wont always be that way 🙂 Keep up the witchy spirit gurlie  *winks* and huggles…


  2. Laura on said:

    I am so happy to see you made it there and I wish you all the luck in the cosmos.Wow Sol has grown so much since the last time I was here to see the pics.My Anthony is now 20 months and he is getting into everything lol but he is talking more and as of January he is walking.I agree with Darqfyre,keep up the spirits,things will happen and before you know it you will be where your meant to be.


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