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Stupid Internet

My internet keeps going out. That makes it a little difficult to write any updates about my runs… Grrrr.

I think I really pushed myself last night. I have no idea how far I ran, but I could feel it working. I did have to stop running a little bit earlier on my last running session, but I still felt much better overall than I have in the past week. I think it may partly be my music. I had a few really great jogging songs come on and I just felt like I could gogogo. Until a stitch in my side brought me down from high. Ouch.
It hurt enough to get me to stop, but not enough to take away the happy feeling.
I think I am actually looking forward to tomorrow’s run.


I think I need to find a cardio exercise for Monday and Tuesday since I do not usually run on those days. The 2 days off seems to kill me. I did force myself to keep it up and really felt good after my run tonight. I should have left earlier to run. It was pretty nippy outside by the time I got going.

In all, today wasn’t really a great day. I had a few other things happen earlier that I think set the mood for my run. I do think my run perked me up a bit, but I am starting to feel a case of the grumps coming on. Grrr.

Found a new running venue.

My temporary membership with the gym has expired, so I needed to find a spot nearby that would match my needs. I tried jogging around the neighborhood, but wasn’t very happy with that. Not sure why. Maybe I am too self-conscious? I dunno. I had no problems at the gym where I was surrounded by people in far better shape than I am.

In any case, I found a trail that goes around a playground a block from my house. I was able to let my son play while I jogged around it. It was really nice. The trail even has a bit of an incline, so I felt some challenge with that.

I have decided to redo week 3 of Couch 2 5K. I really didn’t feel as if I did as well on week 3 as I think that I should have. I did do pretty good today and felt GREAT after my run. I would really like to up my speed… I suppose that will come with practice. Work on the stamina first.

Notes on Friday’s run.

Make sure you wear underwear that will not start to slide down as you run. ‘Nuff said…

Add-on for yesterday.

I feel like I need to talk about my yoga experience from yesterday. I’ve always been fairly good with most yoga poses. Flexibility has never been an issue with me. Apart from maybe too much flexibility – I sometimes have trouble finding stretches that feel like they are doing anything for me.

In any case, the one problem I usually do have with yoga is balance. The standing balancing poses to be precise: tree, dancer, and the pose I am going to talk about, balancing chair. I did the balancing chair (chair pose, then lifting one leg off the ground and crossing it over the other leg) with no difficulty AT ALL. Well, no difficulty with the keeping my balance part. I did start to have some issues with the tops of my feet hurting. I know. I don’t get it either.

I also discovered that my upper body strength has increased. I did full plank rather than my usual half-plank and was able to do the yoga push-ups (alligator). I haven’t done push-ups in about 6 years.

I knew running would increase my stamina and lower body strength. I did not think about additional benefits such as better balance and upper body strength.

Made it through another run.

Pretty much all I have to say lol. I did discover that I run better outside than on an indoor track. On Monday, I ran 1.6 miles. Today, I am pretty sure I ran just over a mile. Interesting. The outdoor run did seem to go faster. I think I do better with more visual distraction. An indoor track really does only have just so many things to look at while you run.

I also did a yoga class after my run today. Great way to cool down and stretch, but I am super exhausted now. G’night.


I just started week 3 of Couch 2 5K. I was nervous about the whole 3 minutes of running, but I did it. I know it makes me sound wimpy, but I had only just gotten pretty confident at running the 90 minute increments.
I did it. I did have to stop once, cuz I had the brilliant idea to try my hand at running up a steep road. The run down kind of made it worth it.
I think on my next outdoor run I will try a cross country track down the street from my inlaws’ home.
Sorry for the boring blog. I am tired, but want to make sure I write a little something after each running day. I have a feeling there may be some days ahead when the only thing I am up to posting may be something along the lines of “blargh.”

A New Runner, A New Beginning.

K. So I have started to run. Well, jog would be the more appropriate term. I’ve started a running program call Couch 2 5K. The title caught my attention. I think I needed something to catch my attention.

I have NEVER been a runner. I was always last in my class when we had to run a mile. I loooooathed it. My brother was the runner. I was just his weird older sister. Not that I was terribly out of shape. Just out of high school, I was able to keep up with an average man in pull-ups and push-ups. Just before my son was born, I was able to haul 50 lbs of meat with ease. I am built like an Amazon, only I still have both of my breasts.

After my son was born, I seemed to forget how to eat properly and was not getting the exercise I should have. It sometimes seems as if I have lost my willpower regarding food. I’ve always had a weakness for some things: ice cream, snickers. Only now I can’t seem to control ANY cravings. If I want food, I just go and get it without any thought at all.


I needed a change.

I am now on the Couch 2 5K program and listing all of my foods in the food calorie counter. I like this counter as it also calculates exercise into your calorie intake.

You may be asking, “why are you bothering to write all this down?”

Because I am currently 30 lbs overweight and am wearing a couple dress sizes larger than I would like.  I don’t like the pictures I see of myself recently. I’m not saying that I want to be disgustingly thin. I do want to be healthy and I want to have the energy to keep up with my kid. If I write down my progress for the world to see, maybe I will be sure to keep it up.

This is very unladylike (though I have rarely been accused of acting like a lady), but here are my stats at this moment:

167 lbs.
Size 14 – 16 (depending on clothing style)
C25K workout = approx. 1 1/2 miles

My intention with this blog is not to bore any potential readers with stats, so I will post them only occasionally. I just wanted to get a log of where I am RIGHT now.


This picture is me now. If I stick with this program and run a 5K, I will post another pic of me in that same dress (if it will fit ok).

Let it begin.

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