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A New Runner, A New Beginning.

K. So I have started to run. Well, jog would be the more appropriate term. I’ve started a running program call Couch 2 5K. The title caught my attention. I think I needed something to catch my attention.

I have NEVER been a runner. I was always last in my class when we had to run a mile. I loooooathed it. My brother was the runner. I was just his weird older sister. Not that I was terribly out of shape. Just out of high school, I was able to keep up with an average man in pull-ups and push-ups. Just before my son was born, I was able to haul 50 lbs of meat with ease. I am built like an Amazon, only I still have both of my breasts.

After my son was born, I seemed to forget how to eat properly and was not getting the exercise I should have. It sometimes seems as if I have lost my willpower regarding food. I’ve always had a weakness for some things: ice cream, snickers. Only now I can’t seem to control ANY cravings. If I want food, I just go and get it without any thought at all.


I needed a change.

I am now on the Couch 2 5K program and listing all of my foods in the food calorie counter. I like this counter as it also calculates exercise into your calorie intake.

You may be asking, “why are you bothering to write all this down?”

Because I am currently 30 lbs overweight and am wearing a couple dress sizes larger than I would like.  I don’t like the pictures I see of myself recently. I’m not saying that I want to be disgustingly thin. I do want to be healthy and I want to have the energy to keep up with my kid. If I write down my progress for the world to see, maybe I will be sure to keep it up.

This is very unladylike (though I have rarely been accused of acting like a lady), but here are my stats at this moment:

167 lbs.
Size 14 – 16 (depending on clothing style)
C25K workout = approx. 1 1/2 miles

My intention with this blog is not to bore any potential readers with stats, so I will post them only occasionally. I just wanted to get a log of where I am RIGHT now.


This picture is me now. If I stick with this program and run a 5K, I will post another pic of me in that same dress (if it will fit ok).

Let it begin.

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