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Archive for the day “January 19, 2010”


I just started week 3 of Couch 2 5K. I was nervous about the whole 3 minutes of running, but I did it. I know it makes me sound wimpy, but I had only just gotten pretty confident at running the 90 minute increments.
I did it. I did have to stop once, cuz I had the brilliant idea to try my hand at running up a steep road. The run down kind of made it worth it.
I think on my next outdoor run I will try a cross country track down the street from my inlaws’ home.
Sorry for the boring blog. I am tired, but want to make sure I write a little something after each running day. I have a feeling there may be some days ahead when the only thing I am up to posting may be something along the lines of “blargh.”

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