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Archive for the day “January 21, 2010”

Add-on for yesterday.

I feel like I need to talk about my yoga experience from yesterday. I’ve always been fairly good with most yoga poses. Flexibility has never been an issue with me. Apart from maybe too much flexibility – I sometimes have trouble finding stretches that feel like they are doing anything for me.

In any case, the one problem I usually do have with yoga is balance. The standing balancing poses to be precise: tree, dancer, and the pose I am going to talk about, balancing chair. I did the balancing chair (chair pose, then lifting one leg off the ground and crossing it over the other leg) with no difficulty AT ALL. Well, no difficulty with the keeping my balance part. I did start to have some issues with the tops of my feet hurting. I know. I don’t get it either.

I also discovered that my upper body strength has increased. I did full plank rather than my usual half-plank and was able to do the yoga push-ups (alligator). I haven’t done push-ups in about 6 years.

I knew running would increase my stamina and lower body strength. I did not think about additional benefits such as better balance and upper body strength.

Made it through another run.

Pretty much all I have to say lol. I did discover that I run better outside than on an indoor track. On Monday, I ran 1.6 miles. Today, I am pretty sure I ran just over a mile. Interesting. The outdoor run did seem to go faster. I think I do better with more visual distraction. An indoor track really does only have just so many things to look at while you run.

I also did a yoga class after my run today. Great way to cool down and stretch, but I am super exhausted now. G’night.

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