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Advice for Outdoor Running (an add-on blog)

I seriously need to remember to blow out my nose really well before I head out for a run. I need to be able to start breathing through my nose while I run. I got another mouthful of bugs this morning. Not pleasant or delicious. Maybe I could think of a convenient way to carry tissues with me (my jogging pants do not have pockets).

I also wanted to thank bgirl875. She recommended running first thing in the morning. I’ve been able to do that twice now and really enjoyed those particular runs. It is also a really great way to start the day.

2 Steps Back

I did the Week 6 Day 1 workout again. Definitely better than the last time. Still not as good as I know I was before I got sick. Oh well. I will work through this too. I actually considered doing this same workout again on Monday, just to try to get myself back up to par before continuing on. That will be the last time I redo this one.

After my run today, I then proceeded to do a 5 mile hike up a mountain. I used to do this hike on a weekly basis until winter set in. I really missed it. I came to realize that while I am getter better at running, there is no way in Hades that I can run up that mountain, yet. People are running up that mountain all the time… I always suspected they were nuts before, now I am certain they are… My goal after running a 5K will be to be able to run up and down that damned mountain.

Tomorrow, I will start posting about my cardio workouts.

Huh. I am too tired to think of anything more to write.


Hard-found wisdom: Running with a sore throat does not make your throat or run better. In fact, it makes the run totally, completely, utterly, and any other all-encompassing adjective, miserable.

I did alright with the 1st 5 minute run. I figured the 3 minute walk would rest me enough for the 8 minute run…. Wrong! I walked for a small part of the 8 minute run. I actually gave up on the during the last 5 minute run. That’s right. I gave up during the last 5 minute portion of my run. My lungs were burning and I was hacking up phlegm and other yummy stuff by that point. I was done. This was the 1st day of Week 6. I will be redoing this day on Thursday.


Look What I Can Do!

I did my first non-stop 20 minute run yesterday. Well, okay… I did stop a few times to get some really good drinks of water and I did walk for 30 seconds. Still, I am very proud of myself. I started out in January with worrying over running for 90 seconds. I did nearly fall over walking up the one step into my house, but I RAN FOR 20 MINUTES! Woohoo!

I am hoping to get to FL soon to have my brother fit me out properly for running shoes. His running store has this process of determining which shoe fits your feet and your running style. I’m also very proud he is 1/3 owner of a successful store (it is listed in the top 50 running stores in the US) and support him when possible. The shoes I have now are ok, but they are a few generations of hand-me-downs. A little plug for my brother (for any possible readers from FL):

The Jacksonville Running Company

Today I will be doing some cardio and strength training. I wish I had started doing this earlier in my running adventure. Ah well. If we didn’t make mistakes, we wouldn’t learn any lessons.

A Few Days Behind On Posts

I know I have not been keeping up with my posts like I had wanted to. My internet is still sketchy and my computer is currently not in the most convenient of places. I have gone for days without looking at my email lately. We will be moving our computer probably this weekend or next. Maybe that way I will remember to update my postings more often.

I have kept up with my running schedule. I am at week 5 day 2 in C25K. I am LOVING this week. I honestly never thought I would say that. So I will say it again just for emphasis. I am LOVING this week. I was nervous about running above 3 minutes. That may have been one reason I decided to redo week 4. The other reason is as stated in a previous post: I had 2 really bad running days that week. Today’s run consisted of 2 sets of 8 minutes of running with a 5 minute walk in between. I did it. I did have to make a bathroom break during the 5 minute walk, but other than that I did really well with the running.

I think I have improved so well lately due to the extra cardio, yoga, and strength-training exercises I have been doing on my in-between run days. I honestly feel so much more comfortable running than I did 2 weeks ago. I also noticed that I have a better run if I jump rope for at least 3 minutes during my warm-up. I will usually jump rope for 60 seconds, stretch out my leg muscles for about 60 seconds, jump rope for 2 more minutes, then start walking briskly during the final minute. This warm-up has really given me the best results.

Tonight’s run was cancelled.

It is raining. I could not find anyone to watch my rugrat while I went out for 22 minutes to run… He is already getting sick and I just couldn’t bring myself to bring him out into the rain. *sigh*

However, I made sure I was still productive:
Jumped rope for 10 minutes.
3 reps of 7 with 15lb weights. I know that sounds wimpy, but I am wimpy.
25 sit-ups (5 more than last time!)
5 more minutes of jumping rope.
Pretty nice stretch.

Notice I did not attempt the pull-ups again. Lol. I will try again in a week. Maybe. After the excruciating yoga workout last night, I was not sure if I would be up to any push-ups today, hence the weight-lifting instead. Those yoga push-ups where you hold yourself a few inches above the ground can really make a girl feel it in her arms the next day(s).

It felt like a really good workout and I am pretty happy with how it went. I will be going out tomorrow before lunch to get my running in. I do not want to get too far off schedule.

Yoga Tuesday

I do not consider myself an expert in yoga. However, I have had a bit of experience with it. I am fairly flexible (even with my extra weight) and am capable of doing most of the poses. Baron Baptiste really put me through the wringer last night. It actually literally feels like that. The DVD is called “Long and Lean.” It is 56 minutes of torture. It is also one of the best workouts I have had in a while. I worked muscles I had forgotten about. I got his movie streaming through Netflix, and I think I may need to buy it (it is only available for 2 more weeks).

Catching up on a few days.

2/5: This was a terrible run. T. E. R. R. I. B. L. E. I have learned an incredibly important lesson. Do not ever ever ever ever ever not eat enough protein before heading out on a very physical run. I normally eat a protein bar before heading out, but I was out of them. I also had not had much to eat before going out. I barely made it home.
About 2 minutes into my first 5 minute jogging phase, I had to stop and rest because I could not breathe. This had never happened to me before and it scared the bejeezus out of me. I have gotten used to the side pains, the itchy feeling my butt and sides give me from all that bouncing around, even the way my shins feel uncomfortable after going for a few minutes. Not being able to breathe is something I was not expecting. I do truly believe it is because I did not have enough protein before I went out.

2/7: I have decided to redo week 4. I actually think I could do week 5, but due to 2 bad days in a row, I made the decision to just redo this week. This run was better than Fridays, but not as tip-top as I would have wanted. I stopped a few times to drink and because I wanted to make sure my breathing was going well. I was definitely more comfortable on this run than I was on Friday’s run.
Important Note: Get used to breathing through the nose while running. I got a mouthful of bugs today…

2/8: This was my first day of simply cardio + workout. Verdict: I am an out-of-shape slob. I jump roped for about 15 minutes total, did 20 sit-ups, 8 push-ups, and 1/2 of a pull-up. Yeah.

Tonight, I will be doing an hour of yoga before bed. Uh. So I will be doing that in about 5 minutes. I hope to see some better running tomorrow. Hubby also put some new music on my “Workout” playlist. I am actually looking forward to trying it out tomorrow!


Today’s run sucked. Big time. I did not do the exercises I had assigned myself on Sunday. I should have forced myself to. It was a hard week, not that that is any excuse, but it was. I am usually home by 4:30 and could have been done with any exercises by 5:30. Instead, I didn’t get off work until 5, and just had to make dinner or head out to a family dinner as soon as I got home. Bleh.
I also wore the wrong undies again. AND there were a WHOLE lot more people at the park than usual. So I got to feel real sexy pulling up my underwear every few steps.

I did think about my music as I ran today. I started making a list of the people I really LOVE to run to:

Black Eye Peas (I have a few of their songs and they just get me pumping)

Cake (the singer has such a strange singing voice, but the music has an awesome beat)


Garbage (even when she keeps calling me a “Stupid Girl”)

I have discovered a few that I can not run to:

The Knack. I love The Knack, but I slow down whenever they come on. And my Ipod LOVES them… they come on a lot.

David Bowie. I adore Bowie. He is my absolutely favorite singer/actor. I love him in “The Man Who Fell To Earth.” It is a strange movie and he was wonderful in it. I can’t think of anything I do not like him doing. Except singing when I am running. *sigh*

I did have a few distractions while on my run (besides the underwear). I do think I would have enjoyed it a bit more if:
1. I had not brought the neighbor’s kids to play with my kid at the playground while I ran. I felt like I had to keep stopping to find them and make sure they were ok.

2. some wanna-be punks trying to be tough with their colors had not invaded my running area. I have lived in a much larger city and have lived in one of the ghetto areas of that same city. I know the damage gangs can do. These kids were too soft to have any idea what they are up to, and while I am glad about that, it still pisses me off that they came to my park… and scared the kids I had with me. Grrrr.

Friday’s run will be a lot better. I will be able to go while everyone is at work or in school. My Friday and Sunday runs are my favorite. Wednesday is hard not just because it is 2 days after my last run, but also because I head out just after getting home from work. I am already tired and cranky, then I add to it with some pretty difficult physical demands.

I will get better about doing exercises on Monday and Tuesday. I am going to start having people over for “yoga night” on Tuesday and on Friday. I am hoping this will help me to stay on a schedule with extra exercises. For Monday’s cardio workout, I will jumprope for 20 minutes, then do some pull-ups (or try to), push ups, crunches, and end it all with a really really good stretch.

Holy Old Hips, Batman!

Seriously. I joke about being old cuz most of my friends are younger than me. I never felt it until today’s run. My hips are soooo sore and stiff that I didn’t even want to think about food when I got home. I just wanted to lie down and NOT MOVE. Of course, I did have to make dinner for the little monster, then the big monster smelled cooking, so I had to make dinner for him. I did make up something for myself, but I don’t even remember what it tasted like.

This weeks runs are the first time I am running for 5 minutes straight. I don’t think I even did this in that mile run they made us do in elementary school. I got through the first running set (3 mins) and was feeling really fine. I was nervous about the 5 minutes… I made it through the 1st 5 minute set really well. I stopped once for water, but made myself keep going. I felt like I was flying through the next running set of 3 mins, but did stop a minute early on my last 5 min set. That stupid side stitch again. At least it didn’t attack me on the 3 min runs (or the 1st 5 min run!). I think that is progress.

I have the next 2 days off from running. Tomorrow, I am going to do one of the exercise shows I have saved to my Netflix instant queue tomorrow and yoga on Tuesday. I am hoping that this will make Wednesday’s run a little bit easier. We will see. At the moment, I am going to go to sleep. Adieu.

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