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Holy Old Hips, Batman!

Seriously. I joke about being old cuz most of my friends are younger than me. I never felt it until today’s run. My hips are soooo sore and stiff that I didn’t even want to think about food when I got home. I just wanted to lie down and NOT MOVE. Of course, I did have to make dinner for the little monster, then the big monster smelled cooking, so I had to make dinner for him. I did make up something for myself, but I don’t even remember what it tasted like.

This weeks runs are the first time I am running for 5 minutes straight. I don’t think I even did this in that mile run they made us do in elementary school. I got through the first running set (3 mins) and was feeling really fine. I was nervous about the 5 minutes… I made it through the 1st 5 minute set really well. I stopped once for water, but made myself keep going. I felt like I was flying through the next running set of 3 mins, but did stop a minute early on my last 5 min set. That stupid side stitch again. At least it didn’t attack me on the 3 min runs (or the 1st 5 min run!). I think that is progress.

I have the next 2 days off from running. Tomorrow, I am going to do one of the exercise shows I have saved to my Netflix instant queue tomorrow and yoga on Tuesday. I am hoping that this will make Wednesday’s run a little bit easier. We will see. At the moment, I am going to go to sleep. Adieu.

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