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Today’s run sucked. Big time. I did not do the exercises I had assigned myself on Sunday. I should have forced myself to. It was a hard week, not that that is any excuse, but it was. I am usually home by 4:30 and could have been done with any exercises by 5:30. Instead, I didn’t get off work until 5, and just had to make dinner or head out to a family dinner as soon as I got home. Bleh.
I also wore the wrong undies again. AND there were a WHOLE lot more people at the park than usual. So I got to feel real sexy pulling up my underwear every few steps.

I did think about my music as I ran today. I started making a list of the people I really LOVE to run to:

Black Eye Peas (I have a few of their songs and they just get me pumping)

Cake (the singer has such a strange singing voice, but the music has an awesome beat)


Garbage (even when she keeps calling me a “Stupid Girl”)

I have discovered a few that I can not run to:

The Knack. I love The Knack, but I slow down whenever they come on. And my Ipod LOVES them… they come on a lot.

David Bowie. I adore Bowie. He is my absolutely favorite singer/actor. I love him in “The Man Who Fell To Earth.” It is a strange movie and he was wonderful in it. I can’t think of anything I do not like him doing. Except singing when I am running. *sigh*

I did have a few distractions while on my run (besides the underwear). I do think I would have enjoyed it a bit more if:
1. I had not brought the neighbor’s kids to play with my kid at the playground while I ran. I felt like I had to keep stopping to find them and make sure they were ok.

2. some wanna-be punks trying to be tough with their colors had not invaded my running area. I have lived in a much larger city and have lived in one of the ghetto areas of that same city. I know the damage gangs can do. These kids were too soft to have any idea what they are up to, and while I am glad about that, it still pisses me off that they came to my park… and scared the kids I had with me. Grrrr.

Friday’s run will be a lot better. I will be able to go while everyone is at work or in school. My Friday and Sunday runs are my favorite. Wednesday is hard not just because it is 2 days after my last run, but also because I head out just after getting home from work. I am already tired and cranky, then I add to it with some pretty difficult physical demands.

I will get better about doing exercises on Monday and Tuesday. I am going to start having people over for “yoga night” on Tuesday and on Friday. I am hoping this will help me to stay on a schedule with extra exercises. For Monday’s cardio workout, I will jumprope for 20 minutes, then do some pull-ups (or try to), push ups, crunches, and end it all with a really really good stretch.

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