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Tonight’s run was cancelled.

It is raining. I could not find anyone to watch my rugrat while I went out for 22 minutes to run… He is already getting sick and I just couldn’t bring myself to bring him out into the rain. *sigh*

However, I made sure I was still productive:
Jumped rope for 10 minutes.
3 reps of 7 with 15lb weights. I know that sounds wimpy, but I am wimpy.
25 sit-ups (5 more than last time!)
5 more minutes of jumping rope.
Pretty nice stretch.

Notice I did not attempt the pull-ups again. Lol. I will try again in a week. Maybe. After the excruciating yoga workout last night, I was not sure if I would be up to any push-ups today, hence the weight-lifting instead. Those yoga push-ups where you hold yourself a few inches above the ground can really make a girl feel it in her arms the next day(s).

It felt like a really good workout and I am pretty happy with how it went. I will be going out tomorrow before lunch to get my running in. I do not want to get too far off schedule.

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