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Overdue Update with NEWS!

So. What have I been doing the past few weeks, besides not updating my blog? I’ve been sick with some upper respiratory crap which turned into some sinus crap. My sinuses were so stuffed full of disgusting gunk that my teeth actually hurt. I feel better now, other than a headache that I seem to be only able to muffle. The kicker is that just as this started to happen, I found out that I am not able to take prescription or pretty much any medication that would have really been any help as I am pregnant 😀

This does mess with my 5K schedule, but I am determined to keep up with my running for as long as it is comfortable, and I fully intend to keep walking on my running days once I feel unable to run. As it stands, I haven’t been able to run for 2 weeks thanks to the stupid crap in my lungs and sinuses. I have been keeping up with my yoga exercises and I did go to a gym last weekend (I have a free membership), so I think next week I will be able to start back up with my C25K.

That’s it for now. I am a sleepy girl. G’night.

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